Thursday, October 4

*sand sculpting

Years ago when I was a young girl, my family was visiting friends who lived at Panama City Beach.  While we were visiting there as a sand sculpting contest going on down on the beach, the creations were amazing!   Such talent all along the ocean shore. 

This past weekend there was a  National Sand Sculpting Competition at Navarre Beach Fl.   The "professionals" were completing their masterpieces up on the other side of the dunes.   The level of their skill was amazing, and quite entertaining.   The weather was nice on the day our family went out, but the following day was to be heavy rain fall which is also the day the amateur sculptors were to be on the beach creating their master pieces. We did not go back out, but I do hope the weather held until they were done being judge.  It would kind of stink to go out and do all that work and watch the rain come crashing down on it and washing it out to sea.    I hope you enjoy the pictures that we captured with our android phone.

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  1. Amazing is right! Lots of talent and patience right there.


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