Friday, July 17

boys will be boys

This was our fireworks pit stop.

Each summer our home turns into "Camp Lynnie Love-A-Lot". It is a name the nephews coined some years ago. I love it and I look forward to the time with them. We are able to cut loose, sit back and really deepen our relationships - this is important to me. Today I met my brother-in-law "half way" to get my nephews, Austin & Skyler , so they could spend the week with us before the lazy days of summer end and the discipline of school begins. I have had 22 years of driving across the countryside with boys and never am I bored. These are some of the things I heard as we drove along:

Austin: "Whoa! Henry has hair under his arm pits." "Well, I do too, but they are very light -like blond." (A is 11 yrs old)

Henry: "I can't wait to get home to blow something up!" (this is after I stopped at SOB with them to get some fire crackers.)

Austin: " Boys will be boys."

Slyler: "I don't understand why girls give themselves such silly nicknames."

Skyler: "I don't hate people who treat you like they don't want you in their circle.. or they treat you rudely, I know hating is a sin. But I could live without them." (This came after a conversation about clicks and friends. Choosing an unpopular person as your friend and then being made fun of by the 'more popular' kids.)

Austin: (20 minutes out) "How long til we are there?"

My dear mother raised 3 girls, though she grew up with 4 boys. All of her grand kids were boys up until about 7 years ago that is when the princess joined the group of rowdy boys. She, the Princess, makes a point to let them know that they are rowdy. Boys are different, they just are. I love these kids and delight in spending time with them each summer. It is my hope to make some long lasting memories during the upcoming week. So this week I will happily be mother to 4 rowdy boys. (one of which is overseas - boo hoo) I think all of us are excited to see what each day holds for us. I love being a mother to boys.

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