Tuesday, July 21


Why am I sitting in a building/warehouse that has NO air conditioning or NO fans on a hot steamy day in July? Simply because I love the ones I am with. If you know me, you know that I do not like to be hot while inside a closed in area. My boys look forward to going to the skate complex every year, so here I sit. To our surprise and delight... the cost has reduced $5 per person since the last time we were here! The boys are so grateful and look forward to coming to the skate park at least one more day while they are here. As they are skating away and playing pool, I am blogging.

Sometimes we are put to test on what we will do for the ones we love. While sitting in a large building with no fans or air conditioning in the middle of July is not the greatest extreme of showing love to most, it is pretty much up there for me. :) Today, this is my test - I am passing at the moment.

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