Sunday, July 12

catching up...

July. Is that right? Is it mid July already? Time does fly when you are having fun. Traveling is what we have done best this summer. I am so glad I chose not to have a garden based on other things (outside of traveling) because at the time I did not know we were going to be gone so much. It would have pained me to leave the garden behind. It is hard to believe that it is vacation time already. We set out for Williamsburg, VA.

 Henry's close friend, Summit , is moving to Colorado in just a few short weeks. We decided to invite him to come along with us on our short trip to Virginia. These boys cracked me up all along the way. I know both of them are going to be sad when the departing day arrives. Summit's dad is also in the military and a move is in order. They, like us are moving back to an area that they have hoped to return to.

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