Sunday, July 26

quilting, one of my passions

Let me introduce you to how it is that I came about to be a quilter. A dear friend of mine who shares some of my same likes thought I might 'need' to learn to quilt , so I was invited to join this wonderful quilting group that met in one of the ladies home once a week. My quilting adventure began back in Spring of 2002 and I have never looked back. You know there are some things you learn and do it for a while and then put it away. I have such a liking to quilting that I don't feel like it will be something that ever fades into the background of my life.

For me, quilting was and is much more than just making 'blankets'. Though I have been involved in other things where I developed great friendship, quilting has been a great place for me to meet some wonderful people. Currently, I quilt with a different group of ladies than those I started with back in 2002. I have learned so much from both groups, far beyond quilting that is. Most of the ladies in our quilting group at this time are such treasures to me and I learn from them all the time.. most of them unaware.

Although my quilting groups have changed, my teacher remained the same. She is a wealth of knowledge and once again has been so much more than just an instructor to me. If you have an opportunity to come along side an older lady who you can learn a craft from, such as quilting, you should really give it great consideration. Our teacher will be 70 in the fall and has been having some thoughts of retiring from teaching along and along. We have somewhat had to 'talk' our teacher into continuing to teach the past few years. She is planning on having a great class ready for us again starting in January of 2010. Our group meets weekly -January through May at a local quilt shop here in town. Yeah!

After Bridgette, Doug and the boys left on Saturday I gave a look at my "sewing studio"/guest room and decided to reorganize and clean up for some new inspiration. Just touching my fabric seems to get my creative juices going! So I am cleaned up, set up and ready to start or finish projects that await my tender hands! So now I am off to sew!

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