Sunday, September 20

*simple pleasures

Today after church we went to the county fair. Since this is likely the last fall we will live here, we made sure to get to the fair before it left town.  We had  a great time. Lots of energy, people watching, eating, laughing and smelling...ugh. The livestock are amazing and plain entertaining to look at, but that smell!  Couldn't they do something about that smell?   That is all I could say. I am sorry, but having a bunch of livestock inside a closed building is NOT a good idea.

Henry loves a good time, who doesn't? He wanted to throw away  spend his money on these "game" booths.  "Oh Mom, We have got to find the booth that has the baseballs that you throw at the bottles."  We did find that booth, he did pay the $5 to throw 2 balls at the empty lined up bottles.  So he gets his two baseballs, braces to throw the first one. WHAM!  How exciting, he hit it dead smack in the middle and the rewarding sound of the glass breaking is enough to cause most to continue to pull money out of their pockets to do it again.  So he has one baseball left. He gets ready, aims and misses.  Of course, you have to break both bottles to win  a prize. Just breaking that one bottle was enough for Henry, he was quite pleased.  I think his ego grew a bit in that very moment.  After some rides but before we left he had to play one more game, in which he did win a few  pieces of junk  prizes.  I tried to point out to him the quality of the "prize" was not very high, in fact quite poor.  He pondered the truthfulness of that statement then says to me "Mom, it is really about the thrill of winning".  Hmmm.. that brings forth a memory of my ebay bidding days.  I do understand the thrill of winning, however good or bad that is. 

Only the disciplined can leave the fair and not have a funnel cake and red candied apples!  We obviously are not disciplined, we indulged in both.  We shared the funnel cake, but got 3 apples, one for each of us! The simple pleasures in life are the best!


  1. Oh this reminds me of the VA State Fair that I am missing right now. I LOVE the fairs and all of the stands, booths, midway, competitions, animals - well, pretty much everything about the fair

  2. I agree. I simply love the air at the fair. I love walking around watching all the people having a great time. Smiles abound.


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