Friday, September 25

*happy birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you, Robby!  Twenty-three years ago today, our first son was born!  Robert Cohen, Bright in Fame - Priest.

When Eric and I chose Robert Cohen's name we did not have a "baby book", such things weren't popular during the mid 80's.  We, or should I say I specifically, wanted something different.  I have no recollection as to how we came across the name Cohen.

Firstly, he gets his first name, Robert, from his paternal grandpa.   His middle name, Cohen, a unique and rare name (in the 80's) was given to him as a search for something unusual.

I am finding out through reading, not personal experience, that naming your child Cohen can be offensive to some in the Jewish community.  You see, Cohen is a surname to those who are direct descendants of Aaron.  They were a family of priests.  While it is considered disrespectful to name your child Cohen, the popularity of the name is growing by leaps and bounds. The name was pretty much unpopular until 2004  and it has continued to climb the charts. 

We did not name him this out of disrespect and disdain for the Jewish community.. we were blissfully ignorant to the meaning. We were totally unaware of the names' quintessential Jewishness.   May the Lord continue to shape and form Robert Cohen into the man He created him to be.  Bright in HIS (the Lord's) fame, and one who brings the Word.  Happy Birthday Robert who is spending his birthday overseas, and away from family and loved ones this year. :(

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