Tuesday, September 8

*a tangled web has been weaved

OK for you spider followers... When we left for the drive to school today She Spider had not finished with her new web, so we delayed the delivery of our present to her until after school. When Henry and I got home we could hardly take our things in the door, never mind all of that, we just wanted to get the mantis in her web! We did unlock the door and find our long tweezer tongs to deliver the mantis into the center of her web which is where it appears to be the strongest. Drum roll please.... and the mantis is successfully placed into her web! If Henry and I hadn't been so impatient we might have waited a while before we put the mantis in her web because she was already eating a sizable snack. But no, we couldn't seem to harness our excitement. I took many pics that you may view in the photo player below. It was very interesting to watch this spider try and cocoon this creature that was 3 times her size. She did finally manage to get the mantis wrapped haphazardly and then she went to deliver the deadly bite! As of late tonight, She Spider is off in a corner resting. Perhaps tomorrow she will be munching on her delicious mantis meal.

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