Wednesday, December 8

*come lets take a stroll

Today, the first time in weeks, I got back in my exercise routine. I took a 3 mile jog down the lovely road our home situated off of.  

Here are some of the sights I took in along the way. Some made me smile and reflect on my gratefulness even more and some made me laugh and wonder what they were thinking.  Enjoy!

Alright, so this wasn't on my run today.. but it is pretty isn't it? Henry trimmed one of the Crape Myrtles for us and clipped this off then beheld the beauty!  He wanted me to capture the beauty of the leaf with an image; so glad I did! 

This is the entrance to our house!

One of the neighbors on the road we live on. 

Neighbor. Uh.. are you getting the drift yet?

Most of the neighbors have horses AND there is a equine refuge right across the road as well.  It is a haven for rescued horses, until placed in a permanent home.
This was what I was so puzzled about. I thought at first is was a whimsical bird house, but no.  The mail box was closed on both ends. (I looked)


  1. LOVE the gates! I don't know what it is that intrigues me about a gate, but I LOVE them! So, every time you have to get out to open and close your gate, think of me. :-)

  2. Me too Dianna! I took all those pics with my cell phone and had several more gates, but had a difficult time getting them to all upload from my phone in a timely manner... I will think fondly of you each time I open that gate! Merry Christmas!


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