Friday, December 24

*going over the bridge again, and again, and again..

So how about if I need to go to any kind clothing store, computer store, major chain etc I have to travel over BRIDGES that cross MILES of WATER to get there.  Alright, alright. I hear you.  You are saying.. and??!  You see when I was growing up my mother had a fear of crossing bridges.  In fact, now that I sit here and think of it, it was probably just this one bridge that we sometimes crossed quite by mistake that caused her to be nervous.  Perhaps my mother wasn't fearful of the bridge after all; perhaps it was the location of town that she wasn't familiar with, the many turns that she would have to make to get back on the right road, then cross the bridge to get back to the right  place.  Ok, so maybe she was fearful of the bridge.  All I am sure of is this.. I have a fear of crossing bridges. Bridges with land under them, bridges with water under them, bridges with anything under them. 

About three or four years ago I was traveling to Georgia to visit family and I took an exit just past the Santee Cooper Lakes (pretty lengthy bridge) to get gas.  Upon getting back on I-95 I took the NORTH ramp instead of the South ramp... Yep, you guessed it. I had to cross the bridge again, take an exit to get back on I-95 South and go over the bridge AGAIN!  I know that God was speaking to me during that time. There after, I have done great with bridges (me and God). 

 This however, is testing me. It isn't testing God of course, but me - so much!  It isn't even that I don't trust God - I hope that isn't what it means. I will likely be crossing these bridges and ones like them a lot. I am sure that I will get over this silliness sooner or later.  (BTW.. both of my hands were gripping the wheel tighter than it should have likely been gripped.. Henry took the pictures, not me)

(this photo taken from google, not my own image)  This is one of the other bridges I have to cross.

Prayers welcomed regarding my issue concerning bridges.


  1. I can understand your mother!!! I am petrified to go over specifically bridges with water!!! I have this fear that somehow we are going to go off of it, straight into the water!!! I have always had a fear of drowning! Now I will be going over a over water bridge a lot to visit my sister who lives in VA!!!
    So every time I go over it, I will probably be thinking of you going over it again and again!!! Praying that you are safe on it!

    Sister in Christ,

  2. I am so with you on this. I don't like crossing bridges ~ we had to drive on one in Luxembourg recently over land, and the wind was gusting, and it was loooong, and I had to just sit there (Nate was driving) and pray, and pray, and pray... Oh the things we face when we move and have to adjust to a new area and all the new roads (and bridges) we have to travel down!!!! God certainly grows me during moves! Praying for you during this time of transition!

  3. Mylena and Julie, my thoughts and prayers will also include your names now when I am praying and trusting God for a sound and peaceful mind when crossing bridges. I knew one day our move (after getting out of military) would likely take us to Florida near water, but didn't really give thought to the many bridges that are a blessing when wanting to get over the different bays! Julie, I suppose I am in for a some growing and change.. I have been in one place too long.. so let the growth begin!!

  4. I have a fear of bridges too. Living in Portland OR there are a lot of bridges! Sometimes I take the longer way just to avoid a bridge. There is one bridge that I even have nightmares about.

    I will be praying for you as you cross these bridges.


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