Wednesday, December 29

*snow dog and those ears!

This is Frayja. This is her first snow, probably her last too! She loved the snow. Running took on new meaning as she sped through the powdery snow fetching sticks or simply fighting the snow to later take a bite out of it.

Her ears are amazing.  We can not for the life of us understand why someone would crop a Danes ears. I mean, it does look stately, however we get much joy out of Frayja's floppy ears.  She is 9 months old now and weighs about 115 pounds.  She has probably reached her full height now but will hopefully put on some more weight in muscle or just a bit of body fat.  While she is just a dog, we are greatful for her companionship. 


  1. I LOVE the ears! I'm so glad you didn't crop them ~ I prefer them floppy and having gone through cropping one dogs ears (a very long time ago when we were young and dumb), I'm always so glad to see that dog owners make this wiser decision. She is a real beauty and she must be a ton of fun!!!

  2. She looks like she had a blast and that you had a blast watching her!

    Those ears are pretty great.

  3. Thanks Ladies! She is a ton of fun and a ton of hard work to boot! She is so puppy like still, but that can sometimes pose a problem when the puppy is 100+ lbs!
    Happy New Year to each of ya!

  4. Beautiful dog, Lynnie! Did you have that much snow in FL?

    Thank you for stopping by the other day and wishing me a Happy New Year. I hope that not all of your days in FL will be snow filled ones!


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