Thursday, December 9

*feeling the love

You know the books by Gary Chapman on love languages, I read them years ago and have tried to figure out my love language. I think at 30, *wink* I have finally figured out that what speaks love to me is acts of service.  This is one of my favorite ways to show love to people who are important in my life, I also love to give gifts to show love, but it is not one of my top ways of receiving love. In fact, gifts is on the bottom of the list. Check out this great website to find out what your love language is, and have your family members discover their also so you can love them the way they best receive.

Firstly, Henry himself is a gift to me. His birth came 8 and 1 half long years after our first son was born. He is a treasure and we are grateful for the blessing of this second son!

Since we homeschool, we have the liberty of taking the some days off to learn some on job training that will help him in his practical life in years to come.  Henry has been a major help to us.  On this day, removal of this floor was a gift to me, an act of service that I am grateful for. 
As Henry worked on the laundry room flooring, he lamented that he had to rip out this old crumbly green flooring from the 70's because he thought it was beautiful.  This flooring was under other flooring that had been laid on top of it years ago instead of being ripped up. On this day Henry delivered another gift of love, another act of service.
He chose his room colors and began working on this with some prodding here and there but he did the work which was a great help since I have a large amount of surface that needs to be covered with paint.  This act of service was something he wanted to do to help me with the paint load.  He has had some jobs laid on him that he may not necessarily be thrilled about, but some he has volunteered. He is learning so much that he can take on with him in his adult life.  I am finding myself thankful.

I mentioned yesterday that Henry had trimmed a Crape Myrtle bush last week. I suggested that he keep the straight, nice limbs and branches to make rustic furniture.  He did as I recommended and stored the limbs and branches in "his section" of the workshop.  The last few days, IN FREEZING weather, he has been in the workshop designing and building a rustic bench for ME.  It is a gift, and I am thrilled.  He knows I love rustic things, it really blesses me that he is so sweet and tender to craft a gift for me on my birthday!  
He has never made one before, I think he did a great job for never having had read about designs or how to make a rustic bench.  He is already making plans for the next one with a few added changes for more stability in a quality bench. He loves working with his hands, always has.  Another gift, for which I am truly grateful!

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