Wednesday, December 29

*white Christmas after all!

We have been in Florida for one month now and the temps have been way below normal since our second day of arriving.  Not having packed for freezing temperatures, I headed off to Walmart to purchase a few sweat shirts or something to keep us warmer.  I was even going to pick up a pair of gloves for each of us, but NO. You can find beach toys in the stores here but not winter gloves. 

We drove back to North Carolina just a day or so after Christmas so I could finish packing the house here so we can get our last bit of things down to Florida.  Upon arriving to what we have called home for 24 years, we were greeted with a snowy cold white Christmas!! It was pretty awesome. I mean if  you are going to have cold weather, lets have some snow!


  1. WONDERful pictures Lynnie! Really beautiful!!!!! Enjoy your winter; who knows when you'll have another one like this one. :-)

  2. Thanks Julie! The snow was like a gift to us really, and your right this will likely be our last such winter!

  3. Your photos are beautiful, Lynnie. I now understand that the picture of your dog running in the snow was in NC...NOT in FL. I'm all caught up won't be asking any more silly questions. :-)


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