Thursday, May 26

*beeing brave

Getting suited up on a hot sultry day in Florida was less than fun.   But, it was recommended to me to enter  the hive area to do any work in mid day when the bees are busy.
To the left you see the supra that I am about to add to our hive. The brood has grown so much that we need to add the supra already.  I am getting my gloves on and making sure everything is tucked in before I begin working with the bees.

When I took the top board off it was covered with buzzing bees! I remained calm and carried on with my work.  To open the hive and hear the wings of the workers fanning hard and to see them buzzing around was a pretty awesome experience.

Carefully I am putting the top board back in place, doing my best not to kill any of our girls!

Success!  The job is done! In a few weeks we will open the hive again to check out the work that has taken place in the supra since we added it.

Since adding the hive to our farm, the tall sunflowers are covered with our "Honey's" early each morning. Our garden is now buzzing more ever too. Speaking of the garden, it is growing well and our freezer is starting to fill up with our harvest to carry us through some of the year.  Soon I will share with you a new way to preserve yellow squash for the freezer. Well, it was new for us anyway!


  1. wow!! are a beautiful farmer!! The bees are pretty spectacular!!

  2. Great job, you! I miss our days of beekeeping. We had hoped to get a hive going this year, but think it will be something that will be tabled for next year. We love having our own honey!

  3. Love this post! You are a brave woman. :)
    The shots of sunflowers and bees are wonderful.

  4. Thanks ladies! This was FUN, exciting and a bit nerve racking! Cant wait to check on them again in a day or two.

  5. Dianna, I hope you all do get a hive again soon! Can't wait to hear more from you on what is happening on your front.

    Thanks Trina, you are pretty awesome yourself!


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