Monday, May 30

*strawberry patch, strawberry patch

This past week while our nephews were here I read in the local paper about a strawberry farm that is only 5 miles from our house.  One morning we headed out to pick strawberries, some willfully and some against their will.  The strawberries were pretty abundant and the patch was quite large, but unfortunately since the owners do not use pesticides on their fruit (which I appreciate) the fruit was full of strawberry maggots, it was quite nasty.  We did manage to find 16lbs of tasty strawberries to take home with us. I dehydrated most of them and we saved some for dessert over the holiday weekend.

After we left the strawberry patch, Momma and I took the boys over to the park that was close by.  Their first question was, "Can we go swimming?!" I of course allowed them the desires of their hearts.  We were not really prepared for swimming - no towels, no change of clothes etc.  Sometimes we have to live by the seat of our pants and be a bit spontaneous.   I knew when we got back home that the boys would be tasked with some tree trimming and leaf gathering jobs so I wanted to treat indulge them a bit. 

These boys can be A LOT of work, they just can, but I love them and I love spending time with them.  I hope that one day they will cherish in their hearts the time they spent with their Aunt Lynnie, Uncle Eric and of course their cousin, Henry.


  1. Good to see your mama's face again! Looks as if the boys had a wonderful time, thanks to Aunt Lynnie!

  2. Thanks Dianna! The boys did have a great time, it was fun watching them too. Momma said hi!


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