Saturday, May 21

*summer break - yahoozie!

You know that saying.. drifting into the sunset? Here it is in photography for your enjoyment...

These were taken a while after they arrived on Thursday.  Together again, scouting, exploring, and doing what boys (young men) do.  My heart is glad.

Susan is sitting nicely with Skyler.  He tried to get her to sit on his shoulder but she wasn't buying it.

After a bit of work trimming some trees and pulling up some fence post they boys hit the pool for a refreshing dip or two.  They made up a game involving one person sitting on the float chair and the other two trying their best to make that one fall off. They were allowed to do most anything but the only rule on this round was DO NOT TOUCH the person in the lounger or the lounger.  They did their best to dismantle Austin when it was his turn to be in the chair, but they never succeeded.

I LOVE having my nephews here! I love spending time with them, doing for them, I love having them help us on the farm this summer, I love that they love to come and stay with us. This is a memory making time I look forward to each year.   

Since these pictures the boys were taken, all three of them, have helped cut trees, drag trees down, move branches, move firewood, and dig holes for new fences that are going in.  Friday night our oldest came over for dinner with his girl friend and then the boys went with Robby to spend the night for the weekend. I am sure they were ready to get away from the work for a short while.    I feed them well, so they don't really mind the work that much.  That is what I keep telling myself anyway. More work awaits them on Monday morning. I am firm believer that work and partnership in the family unit helps create ownership in the family's business (meaning all that the family owns, does etc..)  I believe in having fun too, so don't worry, I wont work them too hard without encouraging them to play hard too!

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  1. Will you be my Aunt Lynnie? Pretty please...I absolutely love your concept of the work ethic combined with fun. It is the same way we raised our kids. I treasure the closeness it brings to a family unit.


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