Monday, May 9

*sew crazy

Yes, you read that correctly! I did get some real sewing done today.

We almost have all of the boxes unpacked and most things are in place. Most things.   My sewing room has been inviting me to come in and really sew and get some quilting done for a few days now.  However, the outdoors duties have not allowed me to do so until this particular day. Eric has been working long hard hours since getting settled in here a few weeks ago. Today he decided to take a day off and since it was rather hot and still here today, I chose to take the day off too.  After all I have all the rows in the garden pretty free of weeds, surely tomorrow as I go out the weeds will be back in full force.

Frayja says HI!   Julie (our cat) over on the couch says nothing because  that is how she rolls.

These two pieces of rattan furniture, I found on Craigslist from a very sweet family in the Pensacola area.   These were a temporary fix for Henry and I as were here from November til May without our furniture from North Carolina.  We felt especially blessed because of the condition of the furniture and the price ($90 for both pieces).  We now how other furniture in our den and these have been relocated to the sewing studio!

The island/countertop you see over by the window is my cutting table. This piece of furniture we bought from my best friend when they packed up and moved away from Fayetteville some years ago. I love this piece and am so glad they agreed to sell it to us!  It was loved in our last small kitchen and now works perfectly as a cutting table.  The height couldn't be better, its just perfect. 

Since all things sewing are pretty much in place, I chose to pull out a few unfinished projects to work on.  Over the years I have made a few trips in and out of Mary Jo's of Gastonia and often with Henry in tow.  He, however was not troubled by this at all. He always enjoyed  (and even at 16 still does) going in and selecting some fat quarters as well as some yard cuts of his choosing.  As time has passed Henry had a small stash of his own quilting cottons going.  About 2 or 3 years ago he took some of his fat quarters and cut them using the Turning Twenty pattern by Trish Cribbs to make his second quilt.  These particular patterns are fun and simple for young students who want to sew and design something of their own.  If you know Henry personally or through my postings you will see that these fabric selections and the choices for his quilt are, well simply HENRY! 

The completed blocks have been completed and in a box for a while now.  I have even ironed them several times for laying out. Henry laid them out in the design he wanted once, but they never got sewn together, has that ever happened to you? Anyway, today I laid them out one more time, but did not iron them because, well quite honest with you I was just too lazy.  I had  them piled up pretty good and they were mostly without wrinkle.  Henry happened to walk in when I had them all laid out and he said, "You aren't going to iron them first?" I love a good student! He made a few changes in my layout, then I got busy sewing the colorful squares together. 

We looked at all the fabrics on the shelf that might work with this crazy quilt, but didn't find anything that screamed YES!  So I went to Connecting Threads online to look at their clearance fabrics, voila!  We were able to find some high quality quilting cottons for $2.24 per yard which will do  a fine job.  I will be posting pics of the finished quilt soon! It feels great to be sewing again! 


  1. I love the vibrant exciting colors...your son's taste is cheery. What a wonderful size to work in. I used to sew but then my "craft" room became my office for working from home. Made several outfits for my family and alot of home dec...I miss it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful quilts.

  2. I love the new sewing room and especially the couches. I can sit and ponder on new quilt ideas from that very couch! Yeah......funny thing, as I was looking at your pics, I thought, "wow, I love that woody looking table" and then I kept reading and started laughing when I realized it was the piece you got from me. I still love the stain color!!!! Great job on getting Henry's quilt together. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!


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