Tuesday, May 10

*picking time

Momma and I planted our gardens mid March and prayed for no more severe frost that would damage our seedlings as they started to sprout.  We did have a few nights that were close, but no cigar Charlie! Whew!  We just missed it! 

I was ready to get the seeds in the ground when we planted so they could soak up that water and sunshine inviting life to burst forth.  I was ready to pull weeds and grass when they started to creep in to our precious seedlings areas.  I was ready to water, fertilize and use my home made mixtures to keep pest off our plants when needed. What I am not so sure if I was ready for or not is the production that is bursting forth each day.  Grateful, indeed - ready, not so much.

Sunday a 3 gallon bucket of flat snap beans were picked and I put 7 quarts in the freezer (cha-ching) and TODAY I picked another 3 gallon bucket. I did not get to the putting up part yet though.  I washed them and got them ready for snapping but seems time got away from me before they were taken care of.  They are resting nicely in the fridge, and on the top of my "To Do List" for tomorrow.  Besides canning and freezing, how do you preserve your pole beans (or snap beans)?  Possibly dehydrate? If so, how do you like or use them when it is time?

So glad this is not on my harvest list!  Several fields of wheat grow on roads we travel often in the countryside and I just love the sight each time I pass it by, so I decide to photograph it!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do..

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