Friday, August 24

*close to heart

Family is where we start, sometimes we really feel like we would like to part, but God has called us to keep each other close to heart! 

My favorite of all the pics we snapped! So cute!

There have been times in my life where I really didn't have the energy to work through certain situations with different family members, or should I say my heart wasn't willing, maybe even my head wasn't willing? You know what I mean? Have you too, found yourself there?  Don't stay there. Life is too short. Preaching to myself here!


  1. Great advice and super photos -- we had a pastor who used to say *you can't live there* all the time -- it is good advice and I thought of it when I read your *don't stay there* - preach it sistah :)


  2. These are wonderful, silly, beautiful photos!

  3. Agree! I believe love builds a bridge, even it it doesn't necessarily lead you back to the the people you're in the "situation" with, it'll lead you somewhere and somewhere is always better than stuck!! Love the pictures Lynnie!! You all have the same bright eyes. :)


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