Saturday, August 4

*order restores creativity (to me)

I posted this picture months ago and I have been working towards getting all of my unfinished projects completed. I have done pretty good at knocking them out.  Over half completed, that isn't bad! I also started two other projects that were finished and sent out in addition to those above and I have one in the works right now that I started last week. It will likely soon go into a UFO stack.. because I have another project I need to start addressing my attention to. The Chicken Quilt.  At some later point you will learn about the chicken quilt whether you care to or not. 

I have worked on quilts pretty regularly this year, in and out of yard work, gardening, and all duties "farmish".  Basically that is all I did, work on the quilt at hand.. not really cleaning up and reorganizing well after each finished project. I can operate this way for a little while, then it starts to suck my creativity away.  You know, we all need a fresh new canvas to work with no matter our art medium and boy was it time for a freshening.  The end of this week I began the process of reorganizing and throwing out and cleaning up, etc. 

It started out looking like this a year ago, and over the course of weeks of working on quilts and not really cleaning up it started to look like a hot mess.  I had initially thought of painting the Sewing Room a dark chocolate color, but later decided that I would paint it a brighter color. Unfortunately I had already painted the little corner where this whole set up was located and I was certainly not taking it all down just to paint that corner. It worked well enough to leave it in the dark brown color because of the design of the room, so for the time being, I left it.   However, when I moved the furniture around (I like to move furniture around :(  , I had an opportunity to repaint that part of the Sewing Room. 

I took a few shots of the mess in the midst of the cleaning. My husband, son and companion (Frayja) thought I had lost my mind. Actually it is funny, well not really funny, but I ended up with the worst migraine in a LONG time the night I started this cleaning. It really didn't stress me out, I actually enjoy reorganizing, cleaning like this.  Anyway, enjoy the picture trail of the transformation. 

You will notice I started this process in the morn of the day and didn't finish until late night. I ended up sitting in the room and just reading for a while, enjoying the order that surrounded me. Today, on the other hand, I played with fabric, looked at quilting magazines trying to locate a pattern for the new quilt I must soon start and sipping some ice tea while dreaming of cinnamon scones...

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  1. It looks great... what a huge job that was!

    I'm with you, I need some order in my creative space in order to keep the creativity going.

    I can't wait to hear about the chicken quilt too.


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