Sunday, August 5

*tucker dukes of Valpariso, Fl

 The Tucker Duke Burger.  On the menu, it states that the Tucker Duke Burger comes as is, NO EXCEPTIONS, NO CHANGES will be made to the burger, so don't even ask.  Henry asked. Sigh.

 The menu at Tucker Dukes is actually quite original. It is funny. (There were no stripper's sitting next to us at the bar, nor anywhere in the establishment) The wait staff were great, and the food was delish.  To our surprise, they have only been open for a month or two. Maybe that explains why we couldn't locate it using our Android Navigator.

 We of course didn't order any sides, who could eat fries, etc with a burger this size.  We took our onion rings off and at them with the burger as a side. I ordered a different burger and it was piled high with spring mix salad which I love as well as a few pieces of bacon thrown on for good measure, sorry non-meat eaters.  There was a special sauce made with sour cream and horse radish, ok.. it was yum.

Oh, and if you bring a photo of your dog framed (one time only) you get a free burger!  The story goes, that the restaurant is named after one of the owners dogs, Tucker Duke. There are framed photos of man's best friend all about the place. Soon, Frayja will be on public display for all to see at Tucker Dukes!



  1. I suspect they will do very well!

  2. That looks like a burger for me, lol!


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