Friday, August 3

*quilting in the summer

Yes! This summer I have gotten more quilting done! I finally finished the Kay England quilt several weeks ago.

I am really thrilled with this quilt. I chose to use a double layer of batting and I couldn't be happier with the weight of this lovely quilt. I finished it up by stitching in the ditch using as many different decorative stitches as I could. I also "cheated" and put the binding on with my machine as well. 

 This one I started several years ago, all the units were pieced together, then at some point in the move I suppose, I lost the pattern. I had to figure it out, and it looks like I did.  This was a gift for a dear young lady in my life and the number 13 is significant to her, so I appliqued it on the bottom corner.   Isn't it lovely?

 I have always wanted to make a black and white quilt, but just never got around to it.  I found this yellow at a quilt shop for 60% off regular quilt shop prices, so I got a few yards thinking it would be a great addition to the black and white. Each finished block is a large 23 X 23 inches. I still have not figured out exactly how I will lay this one out.  It shouldn't be long though, so I will give you a peek soon!

Happy Sewing!


  1. I absolutely have fallen in love with that gorgeous patriotic quilt! STUNNING! I wish I could see it in person! I wish I had the urge to be such a good quilter! Can't get over that one! All your others are beautiful too, love the colors! Talent shows!

    1. Thanks! I really like that one as well, it was pretty easy and it was fun to make. The pattern is one of Kay England, Betsy Ross Sampler, I think it is called. Thanks for leaving such encouraging comments! I saw your fabric paper towels.. LOVE that idea! Great job on that!

  2. Super LOVE! and who do I owe a hug to for capturing your beautiful quilting face. Henry? Awesome.....


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