Monday, April 5

12-N-12 March beauties

Let us all gather around to view the handiwork for March in the 12-N-12 Quilting Challenge. Some have surpassed the three (which is how many months we have been going with this) and some have yet to make a submission - either way, do not dismay! Let this be a place of encouragement, to spur on your own creativity for your own projects that you have in the works. I am sure some of you have several tops finished but are not to the setting in stage yet. For some of us, life may be "setting in" and taking place. Surely this will be a challenge for me (our family) before the year is up!

This month Jenny has been a pace setter!  She completed a spring table runner earlier this month, as well as a couch throw for a friend and another quilt.  I love the vibrant colors in all three of her projects!
Spring table runner (click on any picture to enlarge)

This couch throw was delivered to one of Jenny's friends upon completion!

I love a pieced back! The colors in this line of fabric is just delicious! Beautiful work.

I have had the opportunity to be pretty occupied with sewing this month as well.  (This will likely not be the story next month!) I completed two quilts this month!
Finished and mailed out.  This is a picture of Tori with her quilt.
 This one will be mailed off this week to a sweet friend, I can hardly wait for her to get it!!

Before Cheryl left the area this past summer we went shopping together to pick out fabrics for her to make this quilt. She was to call it her Lynette Quilt.  Anyway, I am sure it will be a reminder of many good memories from many good friends from this area over the coming years. I love it!

Franziska submitted this table topper.  Several of us who are participating in this challenge were at the "class" or Midnight Madness group the night this quilt was started. What a great feeling to have a started project for several years ago finally finished!  I do like this pattern and I bet it adorns her dining room table nicely!

Robyn, Sharon and Nicole if I missed your submissions please let me know right away and I will add them to this post or I can hold them until April's update (either way is fine with me). 

Until next month.. keep that pedal to going!


  1. I loved seeing all of the different quilts in this post! They are absolutely gorgeous and the two you did this month are at the top of the list! The recipients are very lucky ladies!

  2. I love to see all of the different quilts. I love how well the other quilts are pieced SO well. They are very intricate.

  3. I'm glad I found your blog. I think I came from Faithfulness Farm.

    I am a beginning quilter so your blog is very exciting to me.


  4. Lynette, did you give me the pattern yet for the one with the squares? I have some cute fabrics I think would work well with that pattern. I can order a book if it came from one. Love, love, love it.

    Also loved the table runners and other quilts! Jennifer I got to see yours up close and personal, love the colors.

  5. Очень красивые одеяла!!! Молодец!!

  6. These are so beautiful! I LOVE the one with the poppies!

  7. Thanks everyone... for taking a moment to comment. The quilts represented here are labors of love as you all know, if you are a quilter!

    Cindy- thanks for stopping by. I hope you can get some great ideas from some of the wonderful quilt projects that are posted here each month. Glad to have you as a fellow quilter.

    Franziska and others- I am going to post a tutorial for the square blocks quilt (the one in pink and green that Cheryl did this month).


I enjoy your comments. Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts!