Thursday, April 22

*i like old

I have always liked old things. Old books. Old china or dishes. Old quilts. Old furniture.  It guides my sense of decorating style in our home. I have been thinking about things, you know, things in our home that really don't serve a spoken purpose. This is what I came up with.. the things in our home represent who we are, what our likes are to a degree, and what is important to us. For many many years I have purposed to create a safe refuge or retreat of a home for our family or those who visit us.   So in that, each thing in our home serves a purpose or represents something to us.

I have always enjoyed having people in our home, not as a show piece, because it is far from that.  For example.. our couches have places where our lovely felines have used it as a scratching pad, none of our furniture really "matches" and were either given to us or found on the side of the road at a yard sale. I feel that one of the gifts that God has blessed me with is the gift of hospitality. I haven't had much opportunity to use that gifting in our home lately. Sometimes gifts like hospitality can be taken outside the walls of our own home.  I look forward to the plans He has for me (our family) in the area of hospitality once we get settled in our new Floridian home.  I am asking Him for young girls in which I can lead in an area of home making skills such as cooking, sewing, quilting, couponing and such.

My maternal grandparents lived on a wonderfully large farm most of my childhood years. If you click on the picture it will enlarge some to see a bit more detail. The picture that is applied to the brick is an aerial photo of their farm in the early spring season. The brick itself was one of many that made the large fire pit and base of the cane juice cooker (to boil down to make  black strap molasses).  This is one of the very bricks that was near to  my grandpa's feet as he walked around stirring the juice as it thickened into the cane syrup that they were famous for making each year!

One of my last visits to my mother's house I came away with this sweet little butter dish. It was hers though she didn't use it much and was quick to push it my way.

On our last whirlwind trip to Georgia I was able to spend a brief time at my motherinloves house as well.  She had recently gone through her sewing room and thinned out her fabric to the tune of twelve or so large garbage bags full, many of which she listed on free cycle and some that she set aside for me. While I am very grateful for the fabric, I was tickled to find these crocheted table toppers that one of her friends had once made.  (note the old books here... these are wonderful stories written in the 1800's that carry such wonderful character lessons throughout)

Mr. Bear was made by Eric's mother when he was a little boy. (Sorry Mr. Bear for the clothes that you wear) On the back of the chair is another one of the lovely crocheted pieces.

This particular one is made of a smaller cotton thread and is more delicate and light. I LOVE IT.  The lamp here on this little antique table in our kitchen was given to me by Franziska, who found it at a yard sale at a steal of a price!

This bench is not in the greatest of shape, but a dear friend gave it to me several years ago and it serves us well at the front door when we need to sit to put our shoes on.  The crazy quilt that adorns the bench was made by one of the talented ladies or possibly several,  on my father-in-loves' side of the family.  It really is a piece of history and art!

Old suitcases just speak to me! I love them. What is great is you can use them to store things in if needed and you can find them at Salvation Army Stores or such thrift stores for very few dollars.

This razor belonged to my mother-in-loves' grandfather and it currently lives in Henry's bathroom space. I sometimes think of where he might have been getting ready to go after using this vintage razor.

Another of the pieces that came from Eric's side of the family. Eric's maternal grandfather was a great leather worker. There are quite a few things that he beautifully crafted with his hands that are still in the family. He made this needle case for his lovely wife, Laverne. I do not crochet, but I love the age of this case as well as the needles.

For as long as I can remember this teapot sat on top of the counter at our house when I was growing up. Many times it was filled with trinkets of this or that.. you know odds and ends that really didn't have a place. I don't ever remember drinking coffee or tea from this beautiful pot, but just the fact that it was  part of our abode brings sweet memories to mind.

Whatever it is that you like or that you are more drawn to, may you use it to create a space that says welcome. You don't have to have a large space or even your dream space but you can make the space you currently live in hospitable.   Our sons both enjoy the character of old things, so the apples didn't fall far from the tree!  How do you create a humble abode for all who enter?


  1. What a beautifully done post, Lynnie. Thank you so much for sharing your treasures with us. The special memories that go along with the items is what truly makes them our treasures. A month or two ago I did some posts on some of my treasures and of my grandparents. The memories that were rekindled as I worked on accumulating the pictures for the posts brought back so many special memories.

    Thank you again for sharing yours.

  2. Diana your right, it is the memories that make the item what it is to us. I can't wait to hop over and check your post out!

  3. How do you create a humble abode for all who enter?

    I do that by adding your beautiful face to my home. It has memories and laughter and pure joy! When you are present in our humble abode it makes us all feel blessed.

  4. I loved seeing all of those items and what they mean to you. I have filled my home with things that we love and enjoy and it represents who we are. It allows us to be comfortable and relax and have a break. We also fill our home with art, literature, music, education, etc to create a fun and uplifting space.

  5. Hold on Franziska... not too much longer and I will gladly enter!!! I love you!

  6. Jenny - thanks and glad you enjoyed the post. YES! I homes should be a place of refuge from the stresses of this world! Your post on either of your three blogs always make me smile and I always, even through blogging.. get the sense of welcome from you.

  7. I love you my fellow neo-victorian....thanks for sharing your old 'n' loved treasures with us. I enjoy looking at them every time I have the honor of being in your warm inviting home.

  8. My favorite is the crazy quilt. It looks like it is still in good condition too.

  9. Love your sweet little butter dish and that deacon's bench- the memories! We had the same bench growing up. My mother lugged it from room to room as we grew and our needs changed. I believe my sister is the lucky owner of it now. Happy VTT and thanks for sharing all your treasures with us today!

  10. What an amazing post! I love how you use all of your wonderful treasures, they make a home seem so comfortable! Have a great VTT!

  11. Oh wonderful! I love the blog too and have become your newest follower, I'm inviting you to come join my blog...I'd love to have you visit:)


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