Friday, April 16

*double T quilt

I thought you might like to see the quilt that made me fall in love with this pattern in the first place!  I love the contrast of the green and black block!  Why this is called the Traditional Double T quilt pattern.. I am not sure.  Seems to me it should be called the Traditional Quad T.

The one I am working on will not be as striking as this beauty above due to the contrast in my fabrics. Isn't it great how you can take one quilt pattern and make so many different end results based on the selection of fabric?

Here are a few more of my finished blocks:

So I decided to do a little "research" and find out the origin of the block name or how it came to be the Double T.  The picture below should explain why it is called the Double T.   Once you have the pattern down you can arrange it in a block like I the one I am currently working on.. or you can  make it as below, which reveals the "double T".   The Double T block has a long history in antique quilts. The women of the Temperance movement made a difference in their time by standing with determination for what they believed was right. The Double T stood as the symbol of their resolve. Just FYI!


  1. I so enjoy your posts on quilting. I myself don't quilt, but my mother-in-law did some really beautiful work. She passed away almost three years ago now and I feel so blessed that we have so many of her quilts. She loved doing the applique quilts and did it all of the quilting by hand. So...I guess in a way when I view your quilts it helps me feel a bit closer to her now.

    I also sent a lady to your blog because she also does some awesome work with quilting! I notice that she is now also a follower of your blog...Gayle at Garden of Daisies!

    So interesting about the history of the Double T...and I too like the contrast of the green against the black and white! Very striking...but the one you are working on in pinks is just as beautiful, Lynnie!

  2. I love a quilt with history. How blessed you are to have so many of her works! I know you treasure them. I soooo want to do applique.. but I am not quite there yet. I need to feel a bit more settled than I do now (with a move coming up and all) to dive into a work that will take many months to finish.
    Thanks for stopping by, for commenting and encouraging and pointing Garden of Daisies here!


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