Tuesday, April 20

*many hands make light work

Moving is never fun. Making ready a house for the market can be a chore. Since there are already a large number of houses on the market it behooves us to present ours the best as we are able. With this in mind we sat down and made a list of the things that needs to be repaired, finished or upgraded. A long list.

Henry took the list last week and wrote his name by each project he felt he could do by himself for our family to reach our goal.  I am so grateful for a hard working and involved son. This week he has taken on the "The Little Knights Fort".  Eric and the boys built this years ago for Henry. Although he did not play in it as much as we thought he would, he does have some good memories that took place up in this fort.

The tar paper had come off the roof due to weathering and storms in the past. He has replaced the tar paper and will paint the entire fort again soon. Then he can check it off the list. Glad to have many hands making this work light!


  1. Love that my bubby is a hard working young man! That is so awesome of him to take initiative and help you and Eric out.

  2. Yes he is! He is a blessing and often willing to pitch in when needed! I was so touched that he took the list and wrote his name beside so many of the jobs.. some with a "?" beside it.. like, "can I.. or do you think I can?" Cute!

  3. You've trained him well, Lynnie! I can recommend a realtor if you need one! We bought our house using her, then she sold our house (four years later) in three weeks, and Robyn's in about the same amount of time during the downturn for the market there. We bought a house there six years ago with her as our Broker (we were in Germany @ closing ~ she handled everything), and her hubby manages the house as a rental for us. Let me know.

  4. Lynnie, your son is a special young man! I miss those days of having our son around at that age. He was the same way...never had to be asked, he just volunteered. He'd be doing the same today if he didn't live so far away. Thanks for taking the pictures of Henry hard at work and sharing them with us!

  5. Thanks Julie! I will certainly keep that in mind if we do decide we need a realtor. I think we are initially going to list with Military By Owner.. and see how that goes. How awesome it is that you have had connections with this lady for so long and that she has been there for you on several fronts!

    Diana - thanks so much. I always enjoy your encouraging comments, we should have been friends in every day living. He is a hard worker, don't get me wrong he can sometimes be lazy and stubborn as he is not perfect, but a dear boy most of the time nonetheless! I know you must miss your children. Isn't it hard to spend your life pouring into them and then have them be so far away?!


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