Sunday, April 4

*sixty minutes or less rolls

I hope you had a great Easter Sunday!  Today with our dinner, we had some rolls that I haven't made in a while.  I got this recipe from my dear "mil" and it is a favorite! This recipe is so easy and fast which is what makes it a favorite to me as a "sometimes scatter brained preparer of our meals!"  Today it was so very beautiful outside with the birds chirping, the bees swarming around and my cats taking my swing as soon as I got up for  a few minutes.  When I should have been inside getting our Easter dinner together, I was prolonging my time outside by every stolen minute that I could possibly get away with!  I did finally give the swing over to the cats and went indoors to get the cooking finished.  The Sixty Minute Rolls came in very handy since I did procrastinate a bit more than I should have.   I hope you enjoy the rolls, there are no secret tricks you should turn out some fantastic yeasty rolls every time!

Sixty Minute Rolls
4 cups all purpose flour
3 Tablespoons Sugar
1 tsp salt
2 pkg active dry yeast
1 cup milk
1 cup water
1/4 cup butter

Mix thoroughly 1 1/2 cup of flour, sugar, salt and undissolved yeast.
Combine butter, milk and water in sauce pan over low heat.  Heat until liquids are warm. Margarine does NOT need to be melted.  Gradually add to the dry ingredients and beat two minutes at medium speed. Add 1/2 cup of flour , beat at high for two minutes. Continue to add flour in 1/2 cup increments to bring the dough to a soft slightly sticky dough until all four cups of the flour has been used. Knead in machine with dough hook for  five minutes or turn out on a floured counter top and knead for five minutes. Cover bowl, let rise for  fifteen minutes. Pinch off balls of dough and place in pan, not to closely.  Let rise for fifteen minutes and then bake at 425 until golden brown. Makes about two dozen (depending on size of roll). 

Sorry, I didn't note how long it took for them to get golden brown. Seems I have quite a few recipes that does not tell how long to cook the dish... not sure why, but I do.  I am thinking it was only fifteen or twenty minutes until these were golden brown!

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  1. Looks yummy. Can't wait to try it.
    BTW, do you still have the same paypal?


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