Wednesday, April 6

*dreams do come true

No matter your age, surely you have dreamed of certain things happening in such a way that is favorable to you no matter the surrounding circumstances.  When you are a child you dream in childish ways right?  Sometimes when you grow up you still dream in childish ways, but surely you have more mature goals set that you wish to attain as well - right?

Kierstyn laying in one of the vegetable gardens while momma and I worked at pulling weeds in the afternoon one day.
Kierstyn, our niece came to stay with us during her spring break.  Kierstyn is a very girly girl kind of  gal! She is a curiously smart young girl who will keep you on your toes.  One day while Kierstyn was here, I was reading Pioneer Woman's blog, Kierstyn noticed this:

This is Pioneer Woman's cookbook that published a year or so ago.  Notice the line that says, "Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl".  This is what caught Kierstyn's attention. She pondered this and then asked me if she was a country girl.   Sometimes not knowing how to answer a question, I am careful not to just spit out the first thing that comes to my mind. Instead of simply saying, "Oh no, honey you are a city girl!  You know,  high heels, jewels, make up, fancy dresses etc..", I asked her if she wanted to be a country girl.  Her answer was a bit surprising to me.  She answered with a resounding YES!  Feeling safe to answer at this point, I said, "Well of course you are a country girl!"  She seemed quite happy with this answer.  She lived out her country girl dreams while she was her at Erilyn, helping feed the chickens, cats, rabbits and dog every morning and evening.

Kierstyn enjoying her chew on a hot afternoon. She said it quenched her thirst!
A few post ago I wrote about childhood memories of chewing on this weed with my sisters and how I was going to "teach" Kierstyn to chew on them too.   I introduced this strange phenomenon to her one day early in her visit. She was fine with it and a day or so before she left to go back home she found some growing out in the field and ran to bring me some while we were working in the garden.  

It seems that Kierstyn had been dreaming about Subway sandwiches since the last one she had while on vacation in Tennessee.  After much talk of how she LOVES Subway, Momma, Kierstyn and I had Subway for dinner one night and decided to eat in the car on the way home. I wish I had a video of this moment.  She was literally moaning as she ate the sandwich. I am not sure if the sandwich was that tasty or if she was reminiscing about her vacation adventure where she last had this Chicken Teriyaki Sub.  No matter, momma and I were thoroughly entertained. (disclaimer: all of these pics were taken with my phone, so the quality is pretty poor- sorry)


  1. What a wonderful post, Lynnie! I appreciate your wisdom in the way you thought before answering your niece's question about whether or not she was a country girl. She seems to be a very thoughtful girl. Glad she had a great vacation at Erilyn.

  2. Thanks Dianna! (miss you) While I don't seek to tell people stuff they want to hear, I just wasnt sure if she aspired to be a country girl or not. She is all about make up, dresses, hills, prissy stuff. LOL. She comes from a long line of country girls though, so it seems right!

  3. So you know sweet Dianna too? I love the layout of your blog and really enjoyed the photos - so sweet. You are such a great aunt.

  4. Yes Jayme, I have been blessed to have come to know Dianna, she actually is how I came about to be a follower of your blog some months ago. Thanks for the compliment on the blog layout. I am not to blogger savvy but.. I like it well enough. Thanks for stopping by!


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