Wednesday, April 20


Last Saturday I was here in our home in Florida with the windows up, and the screens on the storm doors pulled up so the breeze could come inside the house while I cleaned and organized.  Then it happened that I got a phone call from my hubby who was spending his last week in North Carolina, this call was not our normal phone call to each other during this time of living in two separate places.  He called me only minutes after a tornado ripped across our neighborhood and went on from there severely hitting several large neighborhoods in our city.  Our home and several in our neighborhood did sustain some damage.  Many trees were pulled out of the ground, tops snapped out or lost limbs on our street, but no one in our neighborhood lost their home.

I have friends in each of the neighborhoods that was hit HARD, one of them lost their roof.  Yes, the roof was literally sucked - lifted - snatched off. Several areas in the city are inaccessible and some areas requiring a pass to gain entrance. Looting is a problem - what is wrong with people? These severely damaged areas that are still without power are being supported by public servants.   I have seen many pictures of the devastation, heard several peoples heart felt stories and soon I will see some of  it for myself as Henry and I fly to North Carolina.

Our house remains on the market, we had hoped that we would have an offer on our home by this date, so now we will leave the house on the market as we all leave NC  to our home in Florida together -finallyThe insurance adjuster came out rather timely, but now we will wait for the shingles to be replaced and the privacy fence repaired.  Eric kept the chain saw rather busy the last few days getting the downed trees cut and cleared.

Eric sent this picture today and the caption he added was this: "Taming the wild". 
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She has done a great job writing about a friend we have in common. Trina and her family live in one of the neighborhoods that was hit severely. 


  1. Lynnie,
    So sorry!! Hugs and prayers for you all.

  2. I'm so sorry about your house!!!!!!! We were pretty scared when it all happened, but thankfully God was watching over us and we didn't get hit!

    Your Friend,


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