Monday, April 4

*peaceful Erilyn in a picture diary

Today as I woke, it was me with all of today's responsibilities at my feet and mine alone. My mother left for her Georgia home yesterday morning. Although I am looking forward to having our place just to ourselves when Eric get's here for good in just a few short weeks, I miss my momma.  She has become my companion in my darling husbands absence.  This past month or so has been a time of adjustment for me and momma.  By the end of her stay in her RV here at Erilyn, we started to move in almost perfect harmony with each other.  I will miss her while she is away, but I know this time is also needed for our family to meld together and get back into our normal routines as we, together make this our home. 

The weather here has been simply lovely. I know the days will come when I desire to turn the heat down a little bit, but for now the warm 80 degree weather warms my back as I work in the gardens. 

Our property is covered with Jasmine and we can hardly wait for it to break forth in bloom.  Ohh the smell will surely be intoxicating.   We have had to trim, cut away and drastically prune much of the Jasmine here at Erilyn.

The garden was planted weeks ago and everything is growing wildly.  We have only had a few days of rain here, so the sprinkler runs off of our well to water the gardens. 

There is no way I could make a post about the property without including the barn. When my dearest friend Franziska visits we are going to make a quilt square to hang on the front of the barn. Can't wait!  To learn more about quilt barns simply google it. 

These girls are doing awesome!  They will be ready to provide us with delicious eggs by the end of May, just in time for Eric to get the chicken coop built. 

Every morning, afternoon and evening you can count on the melodic sounds that reverberate throughout the property. In addition to many birds we also are a home to many squirrels and hoping to invite bats too.

These girls, born on February 19th are growing in leaps and bounds.  I never knew chickens could be so much fun.  This is the other chicken tractor built by Henry and Summit while Summit was here on spring break.  Both are fairly easy to move and are serving their purpose quite nicely.

Amaryllis abound at one end of our home.  I love Amaryllis because of their beauty, their ability to be cut and brought indoors without weeping or wilting.  I have two vases indoors right now, one of which I cut and brought in several days ago which are still going STRONG.

Three of our six cats, enjoying their domain!

I love this capture, I took this last night as the sun was going down.

We had added one bee hive to our property too, more to come on the hive in a future post.


  1. What an awesome update on all things farm at Erilyn. The chicks are getting big and they all look happy. What great pics. The cats all look happy too :) Love the bee hive, love you, love everything. Oh happy days!

  2. Love you too! I need a blog of Hawks Nest.. please please consider... You have so much to share.. so much humor.. so much teachings..

  3. Gorgeous photography! Your farm has come alive with spring. It is truly lovely.

  4. Lynnie,
    It was so fun to see your beautiful farm and all of the happenings on Erilyn! I know you'll miss your mother; what a wonderful way to spend that season of your life away from your hubby, which is never fun, but making a way for you to work alongside your mother!

  5. What an awesome post, Lynnie! You have such a beautiful piece of property. I love seeing people lovingly care for what is theirs. :-) Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  6. LOVE the photos! I feel like I just got a tour of your farm - thanks!


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