Wednesday, March 30

*sixteen candles

I can hardly believe that we are getting ready to celebrate the sixteenth year of our youngest son's life! Happy Birthday Henry! (see a previous b-day post)

Henry in his ROTC uniform.  I am not sure what he was doing with his facial expression?
Henry seems to always be ready for an adventure, and this  move has been an adventure that he has found himself on top of.  In the state of Florida, homeschoolers are invited to participate on ANY school sports teams and take ANY elective classes at the local public school that the student desires to take.  A month or so ago, Henry started taking several electives  and plans to play on one of the sports teams for his upcoming Junior year.  The school is a K-12 and we have found the students and teachers are amazingly welcoming. 

This year has also come with a drivers education book.  Henry showed no interest in taking the drivers course in North Carolina last year.  He was not in a rush to get his learners permit which was fine by us!  He has just gotten the Florida drivers book so he can start studying for his permit.  Henry has been driving for several weeks now and I am relieved to say he is a great driver thus far.  Robby even gave him his first lesson on a stick shift.  They were having a blast driving around the property a few weeks ago.

Happy Birthday Henry!
We love you,
Mom & Dad


  1. Wow! 16 years just flew by. Henry looks so handsome in his uniform there. Huggles to Henry:) Miss you too Lynette.


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