Tuesday, March 15

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March 15th, 2011

Outside my window...appears to be a chance of clouds and rain in sight for today.  It will be a great day for quilting if the rain does come through.

I am thinking...about Japan.

I am thankful for...clean water, a bed to sleep in, a roof over our heads, stability, food that is readable available and so much more.

From the kitchen...last night my mom helped with dinner, so we had a dinner that would resemble what would be on her table if we were there at her house in Ga.  She made stewed potatoes, rice and fried pork chops.  Although I don't cook like this often, it was DELICIOUS!

I am wearing...O.K. so I am still wearing my pink night gown this morning at 8:00AM.

I am creating...a small herb garden to compliment the large vegetable garden we are planting.

I am going...CRAZY waiting on my sweet husband's time in North Carolina to end so he can be here with us.

I am reading...true as it is, I have not read anything other than my Bible this past week. I simply haven't had time for reading outside my devotional book and my Bible.

I am hoping and praying...for the people of Japan, often I find myself not knowing how or what to pray for them during this time. I am astounded at the hardships they are currently facing.  May the God of Heaven and Earth make Himself abundantly real to them.  May He comfort each person of Japan in an intimate way, that they will know the peace that comes like a river, and passes all their understandings....

I am hearing...the large floor fan blowing in my son, Henry's room like a violent cyclone.  It is not hot, nor even warm here, but that young man always has the large floor fan blowing at the highest speed as well as his ceiling fan.

Around the house...I see many things that need attention.  The weather here has been more than lovely and when that happens most of my waking hours are spent outside, so the indoors has suffered a little bit.

One of my favorite things...potatoes, to the dismay of my figure.  Fried. Mashed. Braised. Stewed. Baked. Scalloped. OK.. you get the idea.

A few plans for the rest of the week: picking up my son's best friend, Summit from the airport, planting the gardens in hopes that we will not be getting any late freezes this year as we plant, working in the yards and finishing the grouting of the tiles in the kitchen area.

A small peek into my life:

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  1. Ahhhhhhhh sweet sweet posts! You have made my rainy day brighter, my outlook more blessed and my heart full. Thank you.


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