Monday, March 28

*catching up, whew!

Summit, my other son

Summit's drip castle in the beginning...
This is a busy time of the year for me, you and many around us I am sure!  For us, spring break means a fuller house and I couldn't be happier about it.  My other "son", Summit was here last week and time flew right by, before we knew 7 days had passed he was leaving us.  As I hugged him, before he went through air port security, he told me he would see us this summer.  This is possibly the last summer he will come. These young men just keep growing up! Jobs will take priority and responsibility will start taking it's place more which will not allow for carefree travel such as summers spent away from home. 

The day Summit boarded the plane is the very day my sister arrived with her daughter, Kierstyn and our nephew, Austin.  Henry and Austin were like peanut butter and jelly the minute they arrived and have pretty much been since.  Kierstyn gave hugs and shortly thereafter wanted to visit the rabbits and chickens.   Much of her time the first couple of days was spent standing in the chicken tractor with the chicks funny as that might sound, it is true.  She has named several of them and we shall study some famous American women in order to finish naming the other "girls".   We spent some time at Destin Beach today, the weather was just right.  We enjoyed the beautiful outdoors, got just enough rays and then headed back home.

This week cleaning, weeding, sewing, painting, tiling, and all such other things will take a back seat.  Next week will hold plenty of time for such tasks. This week is for investing, investing in my nephew and niece - something I look forward to each spring and summer when they come to stay with us. 

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