Monday, March 28

*holy smokes batman

OK, so I am not writing about the sayings of Robin, of Batman.  I am here to tell you that my darling husband is researching many things that can help us here on the farm.  A year or more ago, I wrote wrote a blogpost about how I was asking God for a barn on our property. I wasn't really thinking total rural life that we now live, though I am grateful and would have it no other way.  Eric, I think, has been thinking about this rural self-sustaining life for a long time. He is the one who gave me the list of veggies he wanted us to plant in the garden, he is the one who gave me a list of fruit trees he wants us to get planted on the property, he is the one who gave me the list of berry bushes/plants he wanted me to get planted, he is the one who researched nubian's and has decided we are going to be getting several, he is the one who told me to invest in New Zealand Rabbits and gave me the "go" on chickens. He is the one who recently ordered these:

These are bat houses.  Hmmmm. Yeh, I hear you wondering.... I did the same. He, however did some research and decided that our property can be helped immensely by bats.  Once I read about the help that bats can offer, I was so on board. I hate flying insects and especially the ones that munch on my flesh.  Living next door to a horse farmer, surely the bats will find many insects to keep their tummies full.  Studies I have read state that bats eat up to 2000 insects per night - that is what I call pest control!  If you live in an area that may be rich in bats you should consider putting in a few bat houses, whether you build your own or buy some. 


  1. Let us know if you have "boarders" with this and if they really work for their rent! Mosquitoes love me and I've considered doing this as well when we move to AL; it's the one thing I've dreaded about moving there. :)

  2. I will let you know Julie. I too, have that very same dread. Unfortunately they are already out.. not in full force, but I have gotten bitten several times already...


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