Tuesday, March 8

*puzzle masters

Henry is catching up on some lost time with his Meme.  He has been enjoying helping her with odd jobs around the property since she got here.  Often she will ask for a specific yard tool, and his response would be something like, "What do you need it for?"  Once she answered, he was off to get the tool and get the job done for her.  In the recent weeks Henry had started a 1000 piece puzzle but had to put it away due to family coming for a visit. When he found out that Meme was coming for a stay in her RV, he was excited to have a puzzle partner on the way.  You see, I will help with puzzles to a degree.  I will help pick out the border pieces, I will sort colors for groupings etc; but I just don't find a whole lot of pleasure in putting a puzzle together. 

Momma has been working on the puzzle for a few days while Henry has been visiting his brother, and then going for an over night trip to a friends in Alabama. Upon returning from the trip, Henry dove in and started helping put pieces together.  They were quite a team. I did get pulled in, as I was told by my own son that it was a family activity and that I had to participate. I happily joined in and to my surprise, actually enjoyed it some.  Have you put a puzzle together lately? Consider the talks that can take place over a puzzle. Consider the words of encouragement that can take place over such a time as this. Consider some activity that is away from technology and back to the basics.  We do this far too little ourselves, and hope to keep the puzzle table busy quite often. 

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  1. What priceless pictures these are, Lynnie! I love seeing the young with their grandparents, and these pictures truly warmed my heart. We always try to work at least one puzzle when our grandson Josh is here with us.


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