Tuesday, March 29

*pool season is here

Mom and I have been working tirelessly to keep the pool clean of leaves and oak blossoms and when momma leaves this weekend, Henry will pick up where she left off.  We are hoping that soon we will come into a season where nothing oak will be falling from the sky and into the pool. 

The weather has been dreamy here lately and with that the temp of the water has began to rise.  Henry and his friend Ryan first got in the pool back in February when the water was mid 50's if I remember correctly. Then he and his cousin, Joel got in for a quick dip in February as well.  A month made a big difference in the temp and the pool is OPEN!

Fray is wearing part of  Kierstyn's swimsuit.

She so desperately wanted to play with Kierstyn.  Not so sure about getting in the water though.

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