Wednesday, April 27

*early in the morning

WE ARE HOME!!  Husband, wife and son all under one roof - permanently!  (thanks so much to each of you for praying us through)

No.. he is not hunting Easter eggs.  Hiding eggs here and having a hunt would truly be a lot of fun though.  The basket was brought along for the collection of dewberries.

A few crazy days before Henry and I left to travel to North Carolina to say "good bye" to Fayetteville, we walked our property with basket in hand to check on the berries that grow rampantly.   Had we known that we had so many dewberries which are a form of blackberries we likely would not have purchased and planted black berry bushes. I suppose this will only lengthen the window of our black berry harvest.  Dewberries come ready for picking late April or early May while the blackberries are harvested later in the season.  It is said that in the early morning that while the dew is on the berries, you an see the reflection of the sky on the berry.  I will be out there tomorrow morning checking this out! 

Yesterday I picked 3 pounds of the delicious dewberries and many, many red ones were left for another day.  We will likely have to walk the area again tomorrow and pick again.  Having planted raspberries, blueberries and blackberries, we couldn't be happier!  It fits right into all of our plans, or perhaps we are fitting into all of HIS plans.

I was completely amazed at the growth in the garden when we drove back on Monday evening.  I last looked at the gardens on Thursday night after watering time and then I laid my eyes on some incredible growth over just a few days.  Peas, beans and squash are all blooming, the tomatoe plants are starting to load up with fruit as well as the squash plants.  I was both surprised and thrilled to find this....
Beautiful summer squash in full bloom and production!  YUM!  I cannot wait (hardly) to have some squash casserole, fried squash, stewed squash... what else?  

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