Monday, July 4

*did you guess..

So, did you guess? Did you guess that I was mopping the floor? Perhaps, did you guess that I was getting ready for a party, or that I was making room for more fabric?  Franziska hit the nail on the head! Yes I am setting in a quilt!!

What does it mean when you see this basket on one of my post? A quilt is getting set in!!!! Oh yeah!!

Things have started to settled down a bit here as far as the gardens go. Our okra and herbs are still putting on, but the demand is low for these things, so I have found a bit of time to do some sewing! WOOT!

I was able to get Henry's quilt set in this wonderful weekend! This is the quilt that Henry started several years ago. He chose a couple borders for the quilt. He decided that the greens all mixed up would make a nice inner border and I gave him a choice of fabrics to choose among for the outer border. I think he did a fantastic job. These two colors are popping and now pulling things together in Henry's Favorite Fat's quilt.

He is in Colorado right now, visiting his "brother", Summit. I hope to have his quilt finished for him when he gets home in a couple of weeks. Although he pieced most of this quilt, he and Robby will be even as far as quilts go. This will make number two for Henry, which catches him up with his brother.

I searched the tasty stacks of fabrics for a backing that would work for this colorful quilt. As I reached and unfolded yard after yard of fabric I ended up using this particular fabric. It is somewhat masculine and quite timely for the date that I set the quilt in. This Turning Twenty quilt of MANY COLORS has 'turned' out just beautiful! 

Happy Independence Day to each of you!

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