Friday, July 15

*what I love about you

This post really is written to my boy, Henry!  What I love about you:  I love that when I pick you up from the airport from an almost three week trip, that you notice my purse and say, "It looks like a Coach." Then you say,  "But, yeah. I see the LC, it is a Liz Claiborne."  Love it!   I love that you are excited to get home to see your dog. I love that you are excited to get home and see how much the baby rabbits have grown since  you saw them last. I love it that you walk in and notice the changes that have been made in the rooms of our home -and that you approve!  I love the constant chatter that we had on the long drive back home from the airport even though you were dog tired from the whole flying adventure.  Some thing else that I love about you is that you take little to no time at all to connect to people, to make meaningful relationships.  You now have a new family of friends in Colorado.  Seeing how much you appreciate me finishing up your quilt for you was something sweet too!  But what I love most about you, is the fact that you are home!

Oh, yeah. I love that your teeth all came in practically perfect own their own, there fore saving us thousands of dollars in orthodontic care. A few people have naturally straight teeth that fit together perfectly, I love that you are one of them.

Yep, he loved the finished quilt!


  1. Lynnie...that quilt is terrific!! Enjoy your boy being home :)


  2. What a wonderful post! It looks like the dog was happy to see the boy as well. The quilt is wonderful.

  3. Thanks to all three of ya (Gail, Trina and Teresa). We were all happy to see him! Ya'll have a great weekend!


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