Sunday, July 24

*trip down memory lane

This past week I was moving some things around in my sewing studio and relocated some of my photo's (that are still waiting to be scrap booked), I found myself taking a walk down memory lane.   As I started opening the boxes of photos, some cropped and some not, I found myself slowly sitting down on the sofa and spending much time pouring over the memories that each photo holds for me.  Many thoughts were prompted by seeing each photo.  I am so grateful that we can capture images and have them to view at a later date, especially since my memory isn't the greatest.

This photo was taken in Pennsylvania and obviously is not a Christmas photo, but it is one of the first family shots in the beginning of our family.  This is the first trip, out of womb that Robby took to Gettysburg Battlefield!  When I was 5 or 6 months pregnant, Eric took me up to   took me on a hike to the top of  "Little Round Top" or it may have been "Big Round Top".  I cannot remember which one specifically, but I can assure you that it matters not, the simple fact that I was hiking up a rocky hilly terrain while pregnant with our precious first born. He has been there many times since and climbed the rocky trails for himself, and scaled Devil's Den many times over!  We hope one day to take our grands there as well, much of the family history lies in this area and we hope to keep it alive in the generations to come.

This one is my favorite. It was taken about 4 or 5 years ago, the last "Christmas photo op" in our NC home. Robby moved away shortly after this and our next group photo was taken on the Gulf of Mexico.

Isn't this the sweetest picture you have ever seen? I love that Henry is looking up at  his great grandmother with great delight. The Lord planted a sweetness in Henry's heart for older people at a very young age.  I am so grateful that my kids have had the opportunity to live life with grandparents, and great grandparents intertwined along the way.

This is Robby and Great Grandma Sanders, I don't think these were taken on the same trip, but you can see how both of our boys treasure family.  Going to see Great Grandma Sanders was always a trip we looked forward to as a family.  These are of course not Christmas group photo's but they were too sweet not to share.

Go ahead, open those scrap books and look at days gone by; open your photo boxes and sit a while!

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