Wednesday, July 6


Today we went to the zoo in Gulf Breeze, Fl.  It is a rather small, but charming zoo and I am so glad we went.  I think my favorite spot in the zoo was this little aviary of Lovebirds. There must have been hundreds of them. 

Before I say what I am gonna say and make all of you sick, let me just preface this by saying this: I do not have a perfect life, I do not have a perfect marriage and we, like many of you have our own set of troubles in and out of time. Eric and I, like any healthy couple, have had some rough patches, but it is in those rough spots that we have drawn closer together. Or should I rephrase that and say, out of those times or though those times that we have grown closer. We are normal. (Well in a word, we are normal.)

As I was about to say, while we were at the zoo today, inside this little aviary, all I could think of was my beloved. Several lovebird couples sat on branches all about the area, kissing, adoring, doting on each other.  He is my beloved and I, his. I adore him and he, me. We are one flesh, when he hurts I hurt. When he is full of joy, so am I. As I studied the birds today it made me acutely aware of how each bird was so focused on its "mate". 

Lovebirds we were at the age of 18, lovebirds we are at the age of 40 something, lovebirds we shall be! Let your love know how much you adore, cherish, enjoy, appreciate, love and kiss him/her today!


  1. What an adorable series of shots of the lovebirds, they are so cute.

    Nothing wrong with being lovebirds, some of us were lucky enough to find a true soul mate.

    Have a great week!

  2. I've never seen lovebirds before. These are so pretty!


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