Wednesday, July 13

*poop in the coop

This entry has nothing at all to do with poop, I just read an article from Mother Earth News a few days ago entitled, "Is there poop in your coop?" Well duh! Yeah. Anyway.  No poop  here, just a chicken! An adorable chicken with endless possibilities.

I think I like this little green button best for the eye on this particular chicken. What do you think?

I have this quilt I am working on, have been working on for a year now (sigh) and I have decided to make it whimsical instead of a more formal Celtic braid. 

I searched through my folders of quilt projects that I have removed from magazines over the years. I found this!  The templates for Spring Chickens!   I am excited about making various chickens for this quilt out of many different funky fabrics.

Not to mention the cuteness of a variety of button eyes.  I was at a thrift store today and found this container of buttons for - wait, get ready - $3.99.  Isn't that awesome?! There were 5 other containers of buttons, but I couldn't justify the need to buy all of them.  But I couldn't help but think of the thrifty young or older person who must have cut these from clothing with a future project in mind. 

I know this Kaleidoscope Quilt doesn't really lend to chickens too much, but I am rebel. So, there ya have it.

It will have chickens. Many chickens. Or maybe just a few.

Oh, just in case you are wondering. I FINISHED Henry's Crazy Turning Twenty quilt! Well almost,  I only have just the binding to finish up tomorrow -  I will be sure and let you know how he likes it.

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  1. I LIKE the chicken on the Kaleidoscope Quilt! :)

  2. LOVE the chicken!! Yay for fellow rebels. :D


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