Friday, January 6

*chicken life at Erilyn

 This is what it looks like every morning when they are let out of the coop. They have water in their coop, but they rush around the corner and congregate here for a bit.

 Meet the Leghorns, Ms Trump and Rebel.  Ms Trump will NOT leave the nest. She has stopped laying eggs but leaves one nest to the next to sit on her fellow chickens eggs.  We did give her 6 or so to sit on and they stayed warm all day, but there was a time in the evening that she left them long enough to get cool.  I am not really ready to shut her in and help her along the way, but she is certainly broody.  (watch, next week I will post about how I have shut her in a crate and helping her along..) If you are a chicken keeper, what would you do?  She is currently sitting on a very popular nest, as you can see her 'sister' sits on her when she is ready to lay an egg if she can't get her to move.  This is a regular occurrence here at Erilyn. 

I love our chickens. I can't wait to get more! We currently sell 5 dozen eggs per week at $4 per dozen.   We will soon be selling some of "fertilizer" as well, since we have rabbit, goats and chickens readily producing!   Have a great weekend!

Farmchicks Farm Photo Friday


  1. I am so going to have to learn from you!!! In due time that is. :)

  2. That's a good price for your eggs. You have some beautiful girls. :-)

  3. very pretty girls and thirsty too! I better go check the water in the run!

  4. Wow! You really are getting a great price for your eggs! I can sell mine for $2 a dozen, but mine aren't even producing enough for us right now. I guess it is the cold.


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