Friday, January 27

*handcrafted valentine day love

Lets encourage one another in the area of  handmade Valentine love.  Let's face it, anywhere you patronize from not until after February 14th will be glistening with hearts, cupid, kisses, chocolate, roses and glitter galore. I like to send greeting cards to my friends and family or perhaps give gifts as much as the next person, but how can we show the love with our home made offerings?  What are you making for the wee one's for Valentines Day? What have you made for friends or family?  Is there a simple act that you will show your love to those near and dear to you?

I hope you will link up and share your ideas for others to glean from.  There is no need to write up a blog post for the linky, simply directly link to a new post if you desire or a previous post with something you have made Valentines Day for those you L.O.V. E.

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