Tuesday, January 3

*sew much to do

As I mentioned before, I hope to get more than 3 quilts finished this year, God willing!  I sometimes do waste time and could be more disciplined and focused whether it is sewing or doing other things around Erilyn.  I decided to make me a focus board of sorts that I could write on, wipe off and write again.

I took a medium sized picture frame that we had in storage and then found a piece of fabric to use as a background under the glass. I could have left it like that, but to be more interesting to me, I  decided to look around and find a few things that hold meaning for me.  I chose a few cards given to me by dear friends and a recent birthday gift (vintage buttons and pattern card) to put under the glass.  Once it was all mounted and set in the frame I selected an overhead marker and dry erase marker to list the projects that I will work towards completing this year.  As they are completed I can wipe them off and add new ones (or not).

Today I spent some time cleaning my sewing room and rearranging some fabrics.  I even found some fabrics I forgot I had - ever done that?  It was like going to the quilting store all over again!  I am feeling encouraged, inspired and ready to sew - how about you?

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  1. Love your focus board idea! I've got one too, but it needs to be updated! HA! New ideas are running wild in my head for 2012 and I need a place to coral them into one place! Happy New " creative " New Year Lynnie!


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