Tuesday, January 17

*oh, barnacles birthday cake and quilts

Yesterday was my youngest son's girlfriends' birthday, so a cake was in order per Henry.  Tiffany is a very mature young lady but is young at heart and I love that about her!  She and Henry both adore Sponge Bob, yep you guessed it, we made a Sponge Bob cake.  We looked for inspiration via Pinterest and found these:

These images helped us along the way and we came up with what you see below. It was fun making the cake and the fondant recipe we use is really simple to  make. You simply use a bag and a half of mini marshmallows, a bit of water and a bag of powdered sugar. The recipe can be found HERE. I think we did a pretty good job.

I am sorry the images are so dark.. I need to work on letting more light in.. this means I have to study my camera.

After cake, Henry and Tiffany decided to start working on a quilt together. Henry selected some quilting cottons the last time we were at a quilt shop and they had decided a few weeks ago to make a quilt together.  Henry initially chose a pattern that called for using templates - I was not willing to help with that kind of quilt making at this time. SO.. I gave him some options to choose from and he and Tiff chose the Friendship Star.

 They work well together as a team!  Henry was piecing and Tiffany was marking diagonal lines as needed on the back of some of the squares as well as pressing the blocks. Tiffany was a bit afraid to sew, she didn't (notice I said DIDN'T) have any experience with a sewing machine.

 I was cutting the fabric for them. I always cut for Henry when he decides to quilt. He can, but I do it faster and better. Just sayin.

 She was contemplating.. she really was having a good time.  She even commented that she thinks she has a new hobby.

 She was trying to use her pout face to get Henry to sew a complete block together so we could see what it was going to look like.

 He thought it was funny, he didn't give in. I ended up sewing the first completed block. I was anxious to see it too!

THEN, then we got Tiffany on the machine and she put together 4 more completed blocks!!

Aren't they pretty!  They have 3 more colors that will be used to make the star blocks. I think in all the quilt will have 24  of the 13 inch star blocks.  It is going to be pretty.  They are working to complete it  so Tiffany can take it with her off to college when she starts in the fall.  It was a great day and Happy 18th Birthday Tiffany!

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  1. I am TOTALLY inpressed -- both in your cake making abilities and the fact that Henry has ANY interest in making a quilt. None of my children have ever expressed the desire to make a quilt although they all enjoy quilts that I have made, lol.

    Great job Lynette!!


    1. hehe.Thanks Gail. The cake was fun, it really was. Henry, well he is not a natural boy, but very manly. He loves things like women's hair styles from the 40's, and when the wear flowers in their hair, he loves old furniture, things with age, a story and character. Thanks Gail!

  2. They are so sweet together. Happy 18th to Tiffany. The cake turned out really good. I think you did an awesome job. Thanks for linking and using my button.

  3. Wow, Lynnie, I am impressed as well! The cake turned out great and making a quilt together is wonderful. Precious times!

    1. Thanks Robin Lynn. They had a good day and I am thrilled to see them sewing together.

  4. Great job on the Spongebob cake! My hubby & I like Spongebob too!

    How exciting to work on a quilt together! Kudos to your son for knowing how to sew and wanting to make a quilt! And kudos to Tiffany for trying her hand at the sewing machine... apparently, she enjoyed as she went on to finish more squares! I can't wait to see the finished product!

    One day I'll get up enough nerve to try making a quilt. My sister-in-law just gave me a quilt kit that she had purchased but never got around to making. It's a wall hanging and the majority of the fabric is already cut (which is the part that I have problems with). We'll see how it goes! Any tips on cutting fabric?

  5. Very nice blocks!
    That cake looks pro! Way to go!

  6. How wonderful to be growing budding quilters. Their blocks are lovely.

  7. How awesome!! Love this post. :) You guys did a remarkable job on the Spongebob cake, and how fun to watch the kids sewing together.

  8. Pretty good? No! Awesome. I could never make a cake that looked that good. I struggle just putting frosting on without making it into something. Thanks for sharing at Monday Madness. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

  9. Oh that cake is wonderful! You guys did great. And those blocks. Wow! I love the fabrics and colors.


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