Tuesday, January 3

*let the creativity begin

I do my best not to get caught up in the New Years resolution making habit. It just never works for me and I don't want to let myself down when I don't hold up to some lofty ideals that I would like to claim as mine attained.  Somehow as a new year rolls around I think we all get that feeling of a "fresh start", which in itself I think is odd.  If we were in a habit that we didn't think good, why would we wait until the end of a year, beginning of a new one to make a change? 

My sewing room is cleaned, and organized for a fresh start, not because it is a new year but because I had several projects that I worked on that eventually allowed it to get into the shape it was in before the purge.   It is like my rather large pantry, a few things put back in a convenient but not proper place a few times a week over a course of a year ends up looking like a huge mess. 

I currently have 7 unfinished projects in the works and many in my mind that I desire to see come to fruition.  I do want this year to be one where I sew more, but I do not have my heart set on a set number of projects I must finish.  Just today I was talking to my best friend and she mentioned that she too wants to sew more but will not allow herself to be pressured by "the finished quilt number for the year" but more importantly she is focusing on herself (health) and her commitment and responsibility to home educate their last daughter at home.   I know that in just a few  short months planting, weed, watering, picking, pickling, canning, freezing, milking, raising (meat chickens) will all be a real part of my reality.  I just know that this year I am going to be more purposeful in my sewing and how I can use that talent to bless others.  

This room does not always look like this, I am real, I live OUT LOUD and often VERY messy. But for now, it is worth marking down, the room is organized and ready.  Having a clean room and orderly allows my mind to function more freely and creatively! 

Here is a clever storage idea I would like to share with you, in fact I wish I had more sleds! If you have a wooden sled stand it up on its end, cut two pieces of board that will fit in over the metal hardware on the bottom of the sled and make shelves for storing your pretties, whatever they might be.


  1. Your sewing studio is quite lovely. I had to do rid some clutter and rearrange my little studio so I could manage better between machine, design wall and ironing board. I could relate to your needing to straighten up so the creative juices could flow. I like the color of your room too. I want to paint and lightened up. I have paint swatches which includes natural, linen and similar to what you have. Anyways, I enjoyed reading your blog!

  2. Hi Lynnie,

    I don't make resolutions, because I never keep them...other than to get healthy. That is one I started last September and I've been doing really, really well with that :) :)

    Your sewing room is just lovely :) :) The sled-storage idea is really fantastic :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Cindy W Aus,
    Love your sewing area, well done with the clean up.
    Love your sled, can you still use it for it's intended use and then reclaim it afterwards, not that you would want to share, but just wondering. :o)

  4. Cindy W Aus.- Thanks! It was actually three pieced of wood that lay on each section of the bottom of the sled and yes the boards just lay on that hardware area they are not attached, so IF it ever snowed enough here on the Emerald Coast of Florida we could use it! Happy New Year and thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. I love love tripple love your room...

  6. Hi Lynnie,
    Thanks so much for your sweet words of encouragement! It was perfect timing as I actually started working on a store at Cafe' Press to market some of my photo art just this week. (you can find the link to it in my side bar ~ It's just a small blurb.)

    I was actually thinking the same thing about your quilts on my last few visits. Have you thought of putting them in an Etsy shop?

  7. Thanks Barb! I am so grateful for this room.

    Tammy, awesome! I am glad to see that you launched this business for your photography. I would love to think towards doing a post about your work one day in the coming months. And thanks a lot for the comment regarding my quilts.. the thing is... people just don't want to pay upwards of $400 for a quilt.. which is what I would have to charge to cover fabrics, batting, threads etc. and the hours that go into it. What's more, I have a long list of those I want to gift with a quilt.. and I don't manage my time well enough now to stay on top of that list. LOL. Maybe one day (most likely not though )

  8. Hi Lynnie. Thanks so much for linking up with me last week on "Thriving on Thursdays". The party starts again in a couple hours (Thursday our time here in Australia) and I'd love for you to stop by again if you get a minute.

    Anne @ Domesblissity


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