Saturday, January 7

*XO XO fabric post cards (more)

Fun fabric valentines from the heart! I made a few more "post cards" for those I love. I have to start early on a project like this if I want to be ready to mail these in February.  That still wont mean I will get finished on time actually. I am remembering how my Christmas card addressing went this year... I start addressing cards EARLY December, I actually got a few in the mail.  I carried the rest of them from room to room, transported them to a couple of doctors offices and finally took them out of my Lap Top Bag a few days before Christmas and sent out an apology (via email or FB) to those who would NOT be getting their Christmas card.  Well I did start with good intentions with our Christmas cards, lets just hope there is more action on this project!

After I looked at this photo, I realized that this owl has a lot of junk in her trunk! 
I used the satin stitch to hold down the appliqued cut outs and put on the darning foot (or free motion foot) when I did the wording.

I always share my work with my sweet husband, I love sharing each piece with him.  He really helps me with ideas along the way. So sometimes you might get a hand made item from me that was actually co-designed with my sweet husband!  This one (XO XO) he sort of gave me a funny look, he said, "Well I might not like all of them."  I will try harder tomorrow to get a thumbs up from my beloved on each one of the Valentine's that I create!

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  1. Oh, Lynnie, this is such a fun idea. I love the owl, and I think she has just the right ammount of junk in her trunk ;)

    I visisted little blue boo, but didn't see the ads you mentioned...that is exciting, though! Thanks for telling me

  2. Those are stunning! Wow! Thanks so much for linking up with M-I-Y Monday and adding my button! Don't forget to come back next Monday!

  3. Lynnie, Do you subscribe to MaryjanesFarm magazine. This months issue features a gal who makes quilted post cards just like you! Thought of you when I saw it!
    have a great day!

  4. Lynnie,
    Those are the prettiest little fabric post cards I have ever seen. It is so nice too, that you can count on your special guy to give you support and ideas. What would we do without them? My nieces would just love to receive one of the groovy LOVE postcards in your post. Auntie Heidi may just have to get to work. Valentine's Day is right around the corner and it'll be here before we know it... Thank you so much for sharing this lovely idea with all of us farmgals.

  5. Those are so pretty. You are very artistic and good at them. I have Christmas thank you cards that I have finished, but I am just waiting to send them. You reminded me to do that tomorrow! Thanks for sharing on Monday Madness.


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