Tuesday, March 13

*chicken tractor the way it was supposed to be

Many humble and I mean really humble beginnings were taking their places last year around this time. Do you remember the "chicken tractor" that our youngest son, Henry and I built last winter to house our chickens until my husband's job was finished in North Carolina. In May of last year my dear husband did finally join us here in our Florida home and at that time he fashioned a incredibly creative chicken coop from reclaimed wood here on the property.

We wanted to get started with our chickens early so we had eggs by mid summer, so in January of 2011 our chicks arrived and Henry and I did the best we could to provide them with a little A frame chicken tractor. Weeks later we got more chickens that also needed a place to grow and thrive, so Henry and his best friend Summit, who was here on spring break built another square chicken tractor. It worked well, just as well as the A frame that was at that time housing the other chickens. (We had a mere 21 chickens total at this time)

Now fast forward a year - Eric needed to do some repair work (rebuild) one of the chicken tractors for our new chicks to live in until they reach a size large enough to introduce them to the flock that already owns the place. As I told you before, my husband is uh-maz-ing at building. I am so keeping him! Seriously though, knowing he had to provide the newest chickens and any future meat chickens or turkeys a safe movable house, he set out to work. He brought both of the chicken tractors that we made last year and disassembled them in order to reuse all the resources he could in this new (much better) design. Can I just say he is truly gifted and amazing in his building (anything really) skills. Using what we already had and only purchasing some hinges we have a well built, sturdy, long lasting portable cage to be used in raising young ones for years to come.

Having this awesome chicken tractor makes the thought of raising our meat birds, or our heritage turkeys a breeze! This type of construction would also serve as a life long housing area for 2 or 3 chickens living in your back yard, say perhaps somewhere in a suburban area (Lori). You would need only to add two nesting boxes on the one end and voila, you would be set. Fresh eggs every day! I do not recommend you having chickens if you live in a large neighborhood with tiny lots because even hens can make a lot of beautiful noises that may be a nuisance to some. sigh.


  1. He did a really good job on the tractor! Even though I try to do the same, it amazes me what nice things we can build with such little or no cost at all!


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