Saturday, March 10

*reunited again!

This picture was taken the last time we were all together, just before he deployed.
Our oldest son who has been over seas for three months, is back! Our two boys are off together today! Can you imagine my joy?

We have been super busy around here, busy as bees (hint), post coming soon to update you!

Much love from Erilyn on the beautiful Emerald Coast!


  1. So grateful for homecomings!! ~Trina

  2. Love that picture! So glad he's safely home Lynnie. It's hard enough when the husbands go away....I know you're thankful.

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes, it is a tricky one- so thankful he is on American soil and safe.

  3. So glad to know that your son is back on American soil again, Lynnie, and that he is safe. I have another friend whose son is with them for a week before he deploys again. SO thankful for the men and women in the armed services who give of themselves that we might enjoy our freedom!


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